Open your own language academy in Italy, for less than 5,000 euros. Up and running in days. We have compiled all our experiences & advice in one place - so others can avoid the mistakes we made and reap the benefits sooner.

If you have been working for others for a long time and feel the need to be independent, or even if you are a newly qualified language teacher and want be in control of your future, this guide can help. Please note that to obtain a school in Italy you must be an EU member or have an Eu partner. There is no crisis in English teaching, as people always need it for work.In fact, language schools are busier than ever, with people trying to keep hold of their jobs they are improving their skills.

• Why Go to Italy?
• How to choose your location.
• Regional guide
• Documents and Paper work
• Textbooks and local book contacts
• How and where to advertise in Italy
• Extra info

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How to set up your own Language Academy in Italy



We followed this guide and now we run our own successful language centre in Roma. It saved us lots of time and money and it only took us 2 weeks to get started. (Sarah Jane Edwards Ireland)

I was looking for a partner to start up a school in Italy for 6 months then I found this guide while browsing the net and thought why don’t I do it myself. In this guide it tells you everything you need to start your own language academy. A real time saver! (Ben Holdsworth London)













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